Swiss Army Man (2016) Review

Director(s): Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan Writer(s): Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan Cast: Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Plot: At the verge of suicide, Hank (Paul Dano) finds himself in the presence of… Continue reading

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Review

Director(s): Taika Waititi Writer(s): Taika Waititi Cast: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison Plot: Pursued by the authorities, Hec (Sam Neill) and his adopted son, Ricky (Julian Dennison), attempt to survive the New Zealand wilderness… Continue reading

The Handmaiden (2016) Review

Director(s): Park Chan-wook Writer(s): Park Chan-wook, Chung Seo-Kyung Cast: Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Tae-ri, Cho Jin-woong Plot: After sending Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri) into the Kouzuki estate as the handmaiden to Lady Hideko… Continue reading

ARQ (2016) Review

Director(s): Tony Elliott Writer(s): Tony Elliott Cast: Robbie Amell, Rachael Taylor, Shaun Benson, Gray Powell, Jacob Neayem, Adam Butcher Plot: The engineer Renton (Robbie Amell) finds himself trapped in an endless time loop… Continue reading

Train to Busan (2016) Review

Director(s): Yeon Sang-ho Writer(s): Park Joo-suk Cast: Gong Yoo, Kim Su-an, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Woo-shik, Ahn So-hee Plot: Accompanying his daughter, Soo-an (Kim Su-an), to meet his ex-wife in Busan, fund… Continue reading

The Neon Demon (2016) Review

Director(s): Nicolas Winding Refn Writer(s): Mary Laws, Nicolas Winding Refn, Polly Stenham Cast: Elle Fanning, Karl Glusman, Jena Malone, Bella Heathcote, Abbey Lee, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves Plot: Following her sporadic rise through… Continue reading

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016) Review

Director(s): Takeshi Nozue Writer(s): Takashi Hasegawa, Saori Itamuro, Kazushige Nojima Cast: Aaron Paul, Sean Bean, Lena Headey Plot: As part of the Kingsglaive, a special forces unit tasked with protecting the kingdom of… Continue reading

The Sea of Trees (2015) Review

Director(s): Gus Van Sant Writer(s): Chris Sparling Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Ken Watanabe, Naomi Watts Plot: Upon arriving in Japan’s “Suicide Forest”, Arthur Brennan (Matthew McConaughey) stumbles into Takumi Nakamura (Ken Watanabe) as the… Continue reading

Imperium (2016) Review

Director(s): Daniel Ragussis Writer(s): Daniel Ragussis, Michael German Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Devin Druid, Pawel Szajda, Nestor Carbonell, Sam Trammell Plot: Suspecting white supremacist cells of having a dangerous radioactive… Continue reading

The Nice Guys (2016) Review

Director(s): Shane Black Writer(s): Shane Black, Anthony Bagarozzi Cast: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer, Margaret Qualley, Keith David, Kim Basinger Plot: Forced into working together, private investigator Holland March (Ryan… Continue reading