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Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 1 (2015) Review

Director(s): S. J. Clarkson, David Petrarca, Stephen Surjik, Simon Cellan Jones, John Dahl, Rosemary Rodriguez, Uta Briesewitz, Billy Gierhart, Michael Rymer Writer(s): Melissa Rosenberg, Micah Shraft, Liz Friedman, Scott Reynolds, Hilly Hicks Jr.,… Continue reading

The Strain S02E13: Night Train Review/Recap

Director(s): Vincenzo Natali Writer(s): Carlton Cuse, Chuck Hogan Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: As Eph leaves New York with Zach and Nora, the battle for the Occido Lumen rages on between those who… Continue reading

The Strain S02E12: Fallen Light Recap

Director(s): Vincenzo Natali Writer(s): Bradley Thompson, David Weddle Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: With his hands on the Occido Lumen, Creem meets Setrakian, while Gus and Angel begin recruiting an ‘army’ for Quinlan.… Continue reading

The Strain S02E10: The Assassin Recap

Director(s): Phil Abraham Writer(s): Liz Phang Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: Eph takes a shot at Eldritch, leading to unfortunate results. Recap: It certainly looks like everyone that called The Strain pulling another… Continue reading

The Strain S02E09: The Battle for Red Hook Recap

Director(s): Kevin Dowling Writer(s): Regina Corrado Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: The group joins Justine in defending Red Hook from Eichorst’s Strigoi force. Recap: Opening with a new title sequence – after nine… Continue reading

The Strain S02E07: The Born Recap

Director(s): Howard Deutch Writer(s): Chuck Hogan Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: As Abraham unwittingly gets closer to the Master, so does Quinlan, willingly, while Vasiliy’s relationship with Dutch edges closer to an abrupt… Continue reading

The Strain S02E06: Identity Recap

Director(s): Howard Deutch Writer(s): Justin Britt-Gibson Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: As Eph meets one of his contacts in Washington to find a way in dispersing his virus, Quinlan arrives in Manhattan, while… Continue reading

The Strain S02E05: Quick and Painless Recap

Director(s): J. Miles Dale Writer(s): Liz Phang Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: The group split up temporarily as Eph heads to Washington, while Nora and Dutch free Vasiliy, with Abraham continuing his search… Continue reading

True Detective S02E08: Omega Station Review/Recap

Director(s): John W. Crowley Writer(s): Nic Pizzolatto Be Warned; Major Spoilers! Plot: Ray, Ani and Frank begin preparations to leave the country, but not before tying up a certain loose end involving the… Continue reading